Back to the Future at ASU Tempe:Chronicles of a Recent Grad

Author: Lauren

Posted on: August 26, 2013


Welcome to the incoming freshman of the class of 2017! I thoroughly hope you enjoy your exciting new experience at Arizona State University. I am a recent graduate from Arizona State University Tempe and hope to shed some light on your upcoming year. Often I think back and wonder what would have happened if I had known certain activities and organizations at Arizona State University existed. How could it have shaped my future? But most importantly how can I contribute to change the next generation of ASU graduates?

Many mistakes freshman make is taking advantage of their new found freedom from parents. College is not a time to ditch class and sleep in. Wake up explore the campus and get involved. A great thing about ASU is the over 1,000 organizations across all five campuses. Instead of relying exclusively on classes to find new networking opportunities, reach out and join a club. ASU offers everything from a Harry Potter club to opportunities with professional executives.

A mistake I made my first freshman semester was not living on campus. I constantly felt left out because I lived with my parents 45 minutes away and I could not take advantage of all the campus had to offer. It wasn’t until my second semester freshman year I decided to take the leap and move out of the house to explore what a college campus had to offer. I then was able to join two organizations and attend weekly study sessions at the English Tutoring Center. Trust me, find a way to live on campus and you will never regret it.

Another key error that many incoming freshman make is not planning for the future. Get ready to go to the career center and visit your advisor at least twice every semester. Your advisor is there to help guide you to graduate and keep you on track. I noticed that whenever I would visit my advisor I always felt well connected and knew what my future held.

Nothing is more important than your health. Many students get caught up in going out and not getting enough rest. This can cause you to sleep through classes and can affect your immune system and school work. Remember to visit the health center on the ASU campus and stay up to date on all shots. There is even a pharmacy at the ASU Tempe campus.

The most crucial mistake a freshman can make is not becoming involved in university traditions. Attend games and participate in homecoming and ASU events. It is important to become active in your community and connect with other students. I hope this blog has helped the incoming freshman to Arizona State University class of 2017. Now get out of your element and explore all that ASU Tempe has to offer.

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