A Tempe Taste of South Asia

Author: Lauren

Posted on: July 22, 2013


Tucked away off Apache and Terrace is the perfect Indian-Pakistani restaurant loved and cherished by the community. Farah Khalid, owner, chef, server and matriarch of the family is at the center of it all. Farah moved to Tempe in 1998 and as a single mother opened her first restaurant, Copper Kettle Express, which later developed into Curry Corner. This quaint little restaurant has truly changed the neighborhood and has become the only place where you taste food that mothers make in India and Pakistan. As a lover of Pakistani food, I know this place is very unique and has the exact taste of South Asia. As a winner of Best of Phoenix for the New Times in 2012, they were soon recognized by the Food Network and the show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives by Guy Fieri.

For those not familiar with Guy Fieri’s show, Diners, Drive-ins and Dives it is about finding the most unique restaurants in the area and showcasing them. By showing them on the Food Network it can bring more customers and publicity for the restaurant. When I saw the show I jumped at the opportunity to eat at this local restaurant. Even two weeks after the premiere, Curry Corner had a 45 minute wait and a line out the door.

I had the chance to interview Farah’s son, Omar Khalid, who further explained the whirlwind experience with the Food Network. First they went through several interviews, Omar’s mom couldn’t believe they had been chosen to be on the show, it was like a dream come true for the Khalid family. She truly didn’t believe it until Guy Fieri showed up on their doorstep. Curry Corner was a restaurant that stood out to the Food Network because it is affordable has great home cooking and your entrée comes with complimentary rice and the traditional bread, naan. Having experience from trying various Indian restaurants around the valley I know for a fact that Curry Corner is the only restaurant where you can buy a $7.00 entrée and have rice and naan with your meal. They even offer a dish for $6.75 that has two different types of curry among additional sides.

I then asked Omar if there was anything he would like to add before the end of the interview and he expressed that “We truly believe in our community. My mother has been cooking for Tempe for many years and students have begun to bring in the next generation we even catered for a little boy’s birthday party.” Curry Corner truly is a rare gem in the community and I hope everyone has the chance to try this perfect dive that is a can’t miss.  Curry Corner is located at 1212 Apache Blvd in Tempe or you can reach them at (480) 894-1276.  Restaurant hours are Monday – Sunday, from 11am – 11pm.

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